About FESCO Internship Program

AustCham China runs unique programs for students from Australian universities and recent graduates which provide opportunities for work experience, mentoring, and cultural training. AustCham has partnered with FESCO (Beijing Foreign Enterprises Service Cooperation) the leading HR services provider in China, to deliver the only internship program in China that guarantees a legal intern visa status for students.

This program is available for people of all nationalities and will provide interns with a better opportunity to gain experience in a Fortune 500 company in China. AustCham in conjunction with FESCO provides support in terms of accommodation, insurance, and most importantly, a fully compliant visa.

Considering the on-going effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, AustCham China is offering this program in both an in-person and virtual format. Students can assess their situation and select a format that best suits their individual needs.




Jacob Bragg

The process of this internship was professional and enjoyable. I am very interested in technology so accordingly AUSCHAM set me up with a company that directly aligned with my professional interests. Throughout my my internship at Wonder Capital Biotechnology Group I feel that I have gained many new skills and valuable experience that I will be able to use in my future Career. Some of these skills include language skills, researching and communication. I would recommend all students to consider an internship with AUSCHAM.